All you have to do is look at the sky in cities around the world to see a problem that, far from being solved, is getting worse: galloping pollution. For that reason, any initiative that tries to alleviate it is not only welcome, but must become inspirational. This is something that is very clear in Passion Motorbike Factory, a startup that has set itself the goal of revolutionizing the world of logistics in the last mile. What is this? Very simple: create vehicles that facilitate the transport and unloading of merchandise and that also do not contaminate.

“Internet purchases are increasing considerably and that leads to a greater traffic of delivery vehicles. Obviously this has an effect on a worse air quality. Therefore we want to use logic to design vehicles adapted to these needs, to improve the conditions of delivery drivers and at the same time the way of life of citizens “, explains José María Gómez, the head of this company with a year and a half old.

The transport that cleans the air

The commitment to the environment is a maxim for Passion Motorbike Factory, since it not only designs 100% electric vehicles, but also cleans the air. For this they incorporate an ion electrofilter that works in the following way: “When it is circulated, the air passes through it and the carbon particles come off, which fall into a container. In this way, the air that comes out afterwards is clean, “Gómez explains, adding:” Not only do we not emit CO2, but we also emit clean air. Therefore, they are vehicles that decontaminate. ”

This “cleansing” activity they want to promote even more with a very curious initiative. “The waste we filter will turn us into a black diamond that really only has symbolic value. Well, we will make rings and key rings for each company to give them to those customers who make the purchase in this way. After all, these purchases have decontaminated the air. “

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