Basic Proposal

Emergency care technical service 24h

Sustaining vehicles in less than 6 hours

Spare parts available in stock

Reviews and maintenance

We will make available to the platform:

  • 1 Scoobic vehicle

    1 trailers for Scoobic

    4 removable boxes

    1 battery recharging rack

    20 removable batteries of 1.6 kwh

Efficient as ants

We load our weight 3 times

Weight : 106 kg

Max load.: 50 kg

Weight : 245kg

Max load.: 750 kg

Weight : 1245 kg

Max load.: 650kg

More with less

Like 10 Scooters or a Van

+ Volume

+ Autonomy

+ Agility

– Costs

– Time

– Fines

Comparison of timing

More Orders in Less Time

Removable System

Eliminate downtime

Change the empty one full

Coobic 100% Customizable

Frozen, fresh, dry

ADAS System

Advanced driving assistance system

Flexible Orders

Taylored to your needs

After Sales and Warranty